Intro into Blissism


Blissism is a new age way of life; the whole idea behind Blissism is continuously trying to higher your consciousness to get closer to the cosmic conscious, which is the universe or what people call “god”. You’ll notice as you higher your consciousness sometimes you’ll feel stuck on a level or feel like somethings missing. Thats when you know its time to try and reach the next level of consciousness, its your mind telling you that you’re ready. Try one of the ideas in the menu to the right to raise your consciousness to the next level. All of these have brought me to enlightenment. You don’t need to start all of these all at once, pick a few, stick to it and notice your life change. We all have the power to become the masters of our own reality. Our minds are a beautiful, powerful tool. We can use it to create a beautiful world. If you look at pictures of the universe it looks just like a brain. I believe the universe is a physical form of a consciousness. When you meditate you can get answers from the universe, it will guide you in life. The universe told me that I need to create a new age ideaology. It told me that the old religion has become the opposite of what the original purpose was. We don’t trust science from 200 years ago, why do we trust something over 2000 years old. Imagine a game of telephone, think about how by the end of the line how warped the sentence is. Think about religion, originally written in a language thats now dead. I believe there are some things that religions got right, but a lot of it is now misinterpreted. “God” is the universe, and universe is a consciousness as a whole. Just like an apple tree, ever so slowly expanding and we are the apples. We are our own beings but still connected to the “apple tree.” It is not jealous (otherwise jealously be a divine emotion), its all loving. It wants you to reach its level of consciousness so that it may be connected with you. The universe wants this religion for our world, it will save it. It will bring it back to harmony. It will be us back together as a species and unite us back with the universe.

“We’re all prophets you just have to listen”- Andrew Sanders

The universe wants you to be a god, it wants you to have the knowledge that it does. The deadly sins were based on things to do/not to do so that you can reach that level of “god” consciousness. Imagine a world of enlightened people, how much we could get done if we were full of love. If we wanted to help people instead having wars with them. Lets become gods together.