First step in change is understanding; Epigenetics and neuroplasticity

Lets begin with ‘Neuroplasticity’ – The Brains ability to change throughout someones life. During these changes the brain is deleting the neural connections that are no longer necessary and strengthening the useful ones. This is how you experience everything from feelings to thoughts and perceptions, how you interpret these experiences actually rewires your brain. This […]

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Cosmic Consciouness

With a higher consciousness you will always achieve what you strive for, always. Your subconscious will work without you knowing to achieve your goals. Have you ever had a wishing star become true? Most times it’s because you subconsciously work towards things, thats why people make vision boards and it works. Becoming aware of your […]

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What is the consciousness?

con.scious.nessnoun-The state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.-The fact if awareness by the mind of itself and the world. Science tells us that simple consciousness is possessed by all creatures, and that self consciousness is comprehend thoughts, reason and imagination. We are so used to thinking of consciousness only being human thought, and […]

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The Journey Begins

We see what we perceive to be reality. Everyone see’s things a little different so therefore everyone has a different reality. Blissism isn’t just worshipping your mind and the universe to reach higher levels of consciousness, but using what you can do with a higher consciousness. Everyone lives in their own little world, studies show […]

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